Mason Nation goes to Brooklyn

Top 10 Reasons Mason Alumni should go to the A10 Championship in Brooklyn

A10 MBB Championship

A10 MBB Championship

The Mason Nation traveling well to the 2014 A10 Men’s Basketball Championship in our first year in the A10 is a great opportunity for Mason Nation to display on a big stage, in arguably the greatest city in the world, that our university is more than just one of the nation’s top up and coming universities.  It will show we care.

Unfortunately, expecting to make a run in the tournament may not be one of top 10 reasons to go this year.

As of the date of this posting, our team is still “undefeating” in the A10, so why go?

Jalen Jankins

Jalen Jankins

#10 – Junior’s Cheesecake and 200 Fifth Restaurant & Sports Bar (Mason Nation HQ) in Brooklyn.

#9 – Increase visibility with out-of-state students by being in Brooklyn when (if) Jalen Jankins receives the A10 Rookie of the Year award in his hometown.

#8 – We will not have to play VCU in Richmond.

Freedom Tower

One World Trade Center
(formally the building known as the Freedom Tower)

#7 – Enhance the Mason brand both regionally and nationally by showing that Mason Alumni know how to eat New York Style Pizza properly.

#6 – Expand Mason Nation, build community, network, make new friends, see a show on Broadway with your new friends, and visit the Freedom Tower together.

#5 – See the “real” New York City as the guests of NYC area alumni, not tourists.

#4 – Attend events with the #1 Most Entertaining Pep Band in College Basketball

Mason Patriot

Mason Patriot

#3 – Demonstrate pride in your alma mater on the Today Show wearing a Mason Patriot Hat and face paint.

#2 – Excuse to party in New York City

#1 – Don’t stop believin’

See you in New York March 12 – 16!  It’s the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day so you will have plenty of green (and gold) to wear if you decide to stay for the parade on Monday.


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